Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birth Certificate, Ya'll!

What's the worst thing that could happen to your Obama birth certificate book? That's right, two weeks before it is published, the aforementioned certificate is presented to the public. Thousands of people who pre-ordered the thing are probably online right now looking up Amazon's return policies.

Donald Trump, of course claims the publication of the certificate to be his accomplishment, while others have turned from doubting the existence of the certificate to doubting its authenticity. Are you fucking serious?

In other news:

You can find a pdf of the birth certificate right here on the White House website.

(via TDW)


  1. Has anone started a campaign to see Trumps cert?

  2. Trump is such a joke now. >:(

  3. Now some of these clowns are claiming its satisfying idiocy.

  4. This is quite ridiculous. I can't imagine officials letting him become president if he wasn't who he said he was. I'm sure they check this stuff out. Well, I'm pretty sure. hehe

  5. Hope that guy got paid up front. Or maybe I hope he paid out of pocket to publish it. I'm conflicted.