Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back To Film School

Some of M. Night Shyamalan's fans - apparently he still has some left - have decided to set up a website to collect money for him to go back to film school. Maybe, if this would get us another movie like 'The Sixth Sense' it might just be worth it.

$150,000 is what they're looking for to present to him in the form of a giant check. In the likely case that he refuses the offer, they are planning to hold a film festival at Tisch School of the Arts and award the money to the aspiring filmmaker who wins.

They're currently at about $500 so this might take a while...

(via PopEater)


  1. Good luck to Shyamalan in rasing money for his film school :D

  2. I don't get it, does he not have the money himself already?

  3. He needs to go back, I think that's a good idea :D