Thursday, January 27, 2011

WikiLeaks ISP to Anonymize Traffic

Swedish ISP Bahnhof, which among other sites  hosts Wikileaks in Sweden, plans to have all of their traffic go through a VPN service. As a result nobody could request IP addresses of site visitors, since even the hosting company doesn't have them.

Picture related: It's the entrance to the ISP's data center, located in a former nuclear bunker in a mountain. These people are like James Bond villains except that they're good guys. It's awesome!

(via TorrentFreak)


  1. that's great. lately there has been less and less privacy on the internet. the more i explore and the more i learn, the more i realize that i am being tracked with whatever i am doing. many people may not realize, but that is really dangerous. no idea who could take your real address, information or even phone number to do something malicious.. remaining anonymous is harder and harder these days.

    As for the picture.. well it looks like a cave of VPN;)

    interesting news, keep it up

  2. this is great news!

  3. whoa; I like that pic. I wouldn't mind living there for a few months. Saved!

  4. that's some wicked security they got going on there.

  5. This is why I love the internet!

  6. will this happen in other countries too? for now we will have to pay for a VPN. shows a wide range of diff VPN providers based on ratings and user reviews. good info if you are looking to protect your privacy with a VPN